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King model corn peeling and grit milling machine <export-oriented>
These single small corn machine series is our classic and representative product enjoying great sale home and abroad. They are equipped with our patented technology and mill corn grit and corn flour/meal in finest quality. Operation is simple, but function multi-purpose and powerful. They impress our customers beyond expectation.
Function and features
Export oriented single machine, peel dry way. It integrates all of our technical essence into one machine, one time finish skin removal, germ removal, root and hilum removal, grit milling, polishing and grading, etc. Final output products are in 22 different sizes. Various food grains can be peeled and milled into grits or flour except millet, proved to be one of our key products. Invention patent number 200910018408.0

Technical Data

Main technical parameter
Production capacity: 400-500kg/hour
Peeling performance rate: 98%
Electric motor power: 11kw-4p
Outer dimensions: 1900x550x1200mm

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