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P12A flour milling plant


12TPD flour milling plant for corn and cereal grains<powder coat new type>
This machine team is designed to be an automatic plant, based on 6FW-12A, improved the outer and inner technology with the power coat appearance, got a good response from marker. From raw material elevation, wind selection, separating big, medium, small and minor impurities, remove stone, metal, clean grain transferring, wetting buffering, clean grain elevation, peeling, de-germing, remove root and hilum, crushing, to flour milling, all process goes automatically and finish one time. It’s the less intensive, the highest degree of automation, the lowest power consumption, Reduce the labor intensity of the workers, the Lowest power consumption, The minimum demands on production workshop in domestic market. Cover a production range of (middlings, powder flour, many kinds of grains and granulated industrial chemicals, Chinese herbal medicine). This small cereal grains flour production line, enjoy a good reputation all around the world.

Technical Data

Main technical parameter
Production capacity: 12 TPD
Peeling performance rate: 98%
Electric motor power: 31.6kw-4p
Outer dimensions: 8000x1500x3500mm

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