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Corn processing equipment installation precautions

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The installation effect of corn processing equipment determines whether it can run stably when processing, to build a corn flour mill, the premise is to plan the site first, and then after all the equipment is here, we have to consider the installation. The success of the installation predicts the smoothness of the work of the equipment after this, therefore, a good installation is a very critical step. In the installation, in addition to understanding the structural characteristics of the equipment itself and the working principle, but also pay attention to some installation matters.            

  In the installation, we should pay attention to: ① In the installation of corn processing equipment, must not damage the parts, especially the vulnerable parts. ② To ensure that the equipment normal, stable work required by the basic conditions. Some equipments such as measuring scale, gravity type wheat distributor, watering control instrument, etc. should be specially protected when installing. ③ Level the corn processing equipment and install it firmly so as not to shake the machine body. Meanwhile, the stand or base of the equipment should be self-contained and cannot be shared or connected with other stands. ④ Equipment installers should have a global view and clear thinking, have rich experience in installation and commissioning to ensure the quality of equipment operation.

  Safety should be put in one place during the installation of corn processing equipment. Personal safety is the top priority. Therefore, the staff in the welding, gas cutting should pay attention to the operating point below the personnel and equipment, personnel in the field, pay attention to timely cut off the power supply. In the early stage of the installation of equipment, especially pay attention to the issue of personal safety. At this time, the equipment and accessories are not yet in place, more holes reserved, be sure to do a good job around the warning. In addition, before the installation of corn processing equipment, we should strengthen the safety training of relevant personnel and improve their own safety awareness.

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