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To solve the noise pollution need to determine its source

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Noise belongs to one of the environmental pollution, in order to ensure the health of life need to effectively reduce the noise in the safe range. And in the production of processing flour machinery will also have noise, and many times as long as the processing flour machinery failure, the equipment also has a strange noise issued, how to solve these noise problems?

To solve the noise pollution of processing flour machinery need to determine its source, in the use of processing flour machinery when the baffle noise, and baffle compliance has a great relationship with the process of welding points rough, baffle small mouth edge of the overall height inconsistency, assembly is often friction with the rotor end. To effectively solve the problem, you must reasonably adjust the wind baffle. If the processing of flour machinery issued by the motor issued high and low and heavy sound. The reason may be: ① The air gap between stator and rotor is not uniform, at this time the sound is high and low and the high and low interval time is unchanged, which is the result of bearing wear to make the stator and rotor different from the center. ② three-phase current imbalance. If the sound is dull, it means that the motor is seriously overloaded or running without phase. The iron core is loose. ③The iron core fixing bolt is loosened due to vibration during the operation of the motor, which causes the iron core silicon steel piece to be loose and makes noise. When the abnormality is found, the symptom should be prescribed, timely and effective treatment, in order to avoid the noise, but also to ensure the production quality of flour processing equipment.

Therefore, in the processing of flour machinery noise, it means that the equipment needs to be overhauled, we need to carefully check all parts, find the key to the problem and solve it, in order to better improve the productivity of the equipment, improve the quality of processed products, and gain a lot of revenue.

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