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Measures to reduce raw grain waste

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In today's grain processing market small flour milling machine in occupying a large proportion of the public's favor, but in the daily use of small flour milling machine in the process of raw grain will produce some waste, in today's energy-saving and environmentally friendly basis, how to reduce the waste of raw grain?

Reduce small flour milling machine in the production of raw grain waste measures play a vital role in the small flour milling machine grain cleaning, often lose a lot of wheat raw materials, therefore, the small flour milling machine grain cleaning equipment for effective inspection can reduce the loss of wheat because of the grain cleaning equipment, small flour milling machine conveying pipeline is also very important. If there is a leak in the conveying pipe of the small flour milling machine, it will cause the loss of materials; there are materials left in the flour unit. After the processing of small flour milling machine, a large amount of residual material will be left behind, so we need to promptly clean up the residual material

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