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Corn processing equipment for different finished product regulation

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Simple single machine and complete sets of corn flour processing equipment used in the process is not the same, complete sets of equipment will have a complete set of process: the corn kernels will be de-mixed. Select yellow corn that is free of mold, insects and odor as raw material, pour it into a large, clean, shallow bowl, spread it out and hand-pick it. Will fall off the skin of the corn kernels, corn cobs, hard corn tips and sand, gravel, and

Other impurities such as mud lumps are screened out, leaving only clean corn kernels for backup.            

  Wash the corn kernels repeatedly and do not over-rub them to lose starch. Set of corn flour processing equipment cleaning if impurities to be removed in a timely manner. Wash until the basin water is translucent. Place the washed corn kernels in a shallow container and lay them flat to dry.

Drying until the surface is basically dry. Send the dried corn kernels into the dryer for further drying. The dried corn kernels should be loose, not lumpy and not burnt.

  The processed corn kernels will be sent into the crusher for crushing and grinding. The fineness should be adjusted according to the different corn foods made by the complete set of corn flour processing equipment, corn porridge, corn paste for adult consumption, etc., the taste of fine ultra-fine powder is not the same.

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