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Corn processing machinery dead-end parts of the cleaning process

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In order to be able to guarantee the food hygiene and safety of complete sets of small corn processing machinery, you need to do a good job of daily cleaning of the equipment. But because of the many parts of the complete set of equipment, there are many dead-end parts, so it is very difficult to clean up the work. Then the specific sets of corn processing machinery dead-end parts should be how to clean it?

Sets of small corn processing machinery dead-end parts of the cleaning process:

Usually, the staff are using a small brush to clean up the dead-end part of the corn processing machinery, mainly some parts are easy to adhere to some materials, after cleaning can reduce the wear and tear of the components; if some parts are difficult to clean, the need for professional staff to dismantle the equipment, it should be noted that the demolition of personnel need to be professionally trained, and in the process of dismantling, you need to follow a certain order to prevent damage to corn processing machinery. Other people are prohibited from dismantling the equipment at will, so as not to cause serious impact. Dead-end place a: corn processing machinery in the grinding roller, often adhered to some materials, for this place we can use a small brush to clean up, generally can be cleaned up. Dead end two: corn processing machinery inside, because of its long working hours, so it is inevitable that some impurities and residues will be transferred into its interior, then we need to fall into the impurities and residues of that part of the equipment disassembled for cleaning. Dead end three: corn processing machinery raw material entrance and clean up after the exit of the finished product out, these places work we are not aware of whether it contains impurities and residues, need to be carefully checked before and after work, and use a small shovel to dispose of these impurities and residues.

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