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Effective embryo lifting is an important indicator

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In the production process of corn flour processing equipment, whether the skin embryo can be effectively removed is the key to the quality of corn flour, and is also an important indicator of corn dry milling technology. The embryo extraction method is mainly divided into dry method, wet method and semi-wet method according to the low of adjusting moisture.          

  The dry method is not to adjust the moisture of corn, but directly using the mechanical method, the common action of the post-rolling extrusion or impact grinding, so that the skin, embryo and endosperm separation method. Dry process is simple, low energy consumption, no pollution, but the embryo lifting efficiency is low, embryo contains more starch.

  Corn flour processing equipment flour making process is the main link in the whole process, which involves the production method is not a single, he can be divided into dry grinding method and wet grinding method, each has its own point, the enterprise should in depth understanding of the principles and differences between the two then choose and cooperate, in order to better production.

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