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Corn flour processing machinery material sieving

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The suspension sieve has the characteristics of low energy consumption and no dust in the corn flour processing machinery. Suspension sieve is widely used in grain processing enterprises, mainly for grain sorting, such as fine processing of corn dregs and corn grits produced by corn processing sets, removing scalp impurities, fine powder and embryonic base and other offcuts in corn dregs and corn grits, which helps a lot to improve the product processing quality of corn flour processing machinery.   

  After getting the corn impurities, the corn raw materials enter the cylinder silo, double wind stripping and polishing machine, self-balancing vibrating grading sieve, grinder, cylinder polishing machine, low pressure fan, suspension sieve, grading sieve, suction separator and corn meal. In this process, after removing impurities, raw corn needs to be stirred and moistened with water before peeling and degerming, which inevitably leads to high water content of corn meal peel.

  The suspension sieve is mainly composed of sieve box, motor, transmission device, sun frame, friction support, standoff and vibration device. It is the ideal equipment chosen by corn processing plants. In the production process of corn meal processing machinery, the use of wind, vibration and sieve principle for material sieving, with high production efficiency and classification selectivity.

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