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Small corn flour processing machine installation and operation

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Small corn flour processing equipment consists of many parts, but the assembly and construction is easy, the installation process, to strictly maintain the cleanliness of the equipment, while grease on the surface prone to friction, in general, whether the installation or operation is very simple, the specific steps we look at.     

  Installation and operation of small-scale corn flour processing machinery.

  1, the mill has been ground and leveled before leaving the factory, the user can install the foundation set by the plant, the host to find a level, available foot screws or expansion screws fixed.

  2, before starting the machine should carefully check the transmission belt and safety guards, check whether the fasteners of each part are loose.

  3, start the motor, check whether the steering is correct, the rotation is normal, note: no material grinding, the upper and lower grinding discs should be padded with materials to start the machine, found abnormal, immediately stop the machine to check.

  4, the new machine installation, should first use bran or corn grits test grinding for not less than 30 minutes, about the residual sand on the grinding plate clean, and then start normal processing of wheat flour.

  5, according to the amount of material in the hopper on the grinding plate, adjust the small handle on the large hopper to control the flow of materials, do not make the material in the hopper is missing, otherwise the teeth of the two grinding discs no material grinding, one is the grinding disc teeth wear serious, the second is the grinding of flour will be gritty teeth.

  6, work first open the fan and round sieve, to be fan and round sieve open normal operation, the raw materials into the large hopper on the left side of the original grain bin, slowly the small handle to control the material upward, is the material running to the stone mill disk above the small hopper inside, to be half of the small hopper material to open the mill operation.

  7, to end processing, the equipment above the hopper to store a little material, not grinding empty, strictly prevent the grinding plate without material rotation.

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