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How does flour processing machinery process wheat bran

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Wheat bran has been used as feed for raising poultry for a long time in history, but today's wheat bran sometimes appears directly in the flour, called whole wheat flour. Today, the Lucao high-tech flour processing machinery manufacturer explained that the equipment is How to deal with wheat bran, I hope to help our customers!

The flour processing equipment manufacturer explained how to deal with wheat bran to maximize profits? The by-products of wheat include wheat germ and wheat bran. So far, except for wheat germ used in food, bran is basically used as feed. Today, Lu Cao Gaoxin will explain to you the composition and classification of bran, as well as its uses.

1. Composition

①The materials from the skin grinding system and the heart grinding system of flour processing equipment include bran, wheat germ and a small amount of endosperm of different particles;

②The material removed by the purifier and the settled material of the dust collector of the purifier;

③The sieve tops of the back-road center mill and the tail mill are mainly very fine bran, cell membrane and aleurone layer, including endosperm or low-grade flour, depending on the flour yield.

International regulations on fertilizers and feedstuffs: Products separated from wheat in the milling process contain no more than 4% of plant matter and the treated leftovers produced in the cleaning process of wheat; collectively referred to in the milling trade For "wheat feed".

2. Classification

①Bran. Keep the 16W fine wire mesh screen or slightly finer. Some bran is processed and sold as coarse or medium-fine bran. Crude bran sells for a higher price due to its larger shape and volume; however, the development of lump and pellet feeds requires an increased use of smaller bran.

②Fine wheat feed. Through 16W fine wire mesh. This is a general term for various named materials.

The quality of the bran and wheat feed is related to the flour yield, the wheat variety used for blending, and the amount of cleaning residue incorporated. The above-mentioned relevant regulations stipulate the content of foreign plant matter, sand, dust, etc.; there are boundaries between different grades of wheat feed quality. For example: extra-fine bran meal feed contains a high percentage of endosperm, and the remaining endosperm-less, fine wheat feed is of poor quality and less quantity. If the bran is ground and mixed with the fine wheat feed, it affects the quality of both products.

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