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How to identify the pros and cons of flour

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1. Look at the color. Get out of the misunderstanding that the whiter the flour, the better. Any flour that meets the national standard is usually milky white or slightly yellow. If the flour is snow-white, pale or blue, it means that the product has chemical additives, and it may exceed the use of standard. 

2. Identification accuracy. All flour that meets the national standard has a fine feel and uniform particles. 

3. Smell the smell. Flour must have a natural wheat flavor. All flour that meets the national standard has a natural wheat flavor. If the flour is light and tasteless or has a chemical smell, it means that it contains additives that exceed the standard, or is processed from aged grains. 

4. Look at the moisture. Buying flour is not buying water. Flour that meets the national standard has good flowability and is not easy to deteriorate. When you grab flour with your hands, the flour will naturally flow out from the seams of your hands, and it will not form a group after you let go. If the water is too large, the flour is easy to agglomerate and deteriorate and lose its edible value. 5

5. Taste. Foods made from flour with good nutrition and taste have a rich wheat flavor, chewy, sweet, non-sticky, and even less gritty, pure in color, and have their own characteristics in cooking, roasting, and frying, and are rich in nutrients. 

6. Look at the packaging. When buying flour, you should look at what is marked on the package. According to the general standard for food labeling, the regular product packaging must be marked with the product name, net content, the name and address of the manufacturer and distribution company, the date of production and shelf life, quality grade, product standard number, special labeling content, etc.

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