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Precautions for the use of wheat flour machine

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1. The structure of the wheat flour machine should be reasonable, with sufficient rigidity, firm connection between components, good sealing performance and durability. The motion parameters are reasonable to ensure the screening effect. Smooth operation and low noise.

2. There are many types of sieving points, and the number of types can be flexibly adjusted according to the raw material conditions, process requirements and different grinding systems. The wheat flour machine has enough sieving area, reasonable sieving route and sieving length, sieves the flour, separates the materials according to the particle size, and has a high sieving efficiency.

3. The wheat flour machine can accommodate a higher material flow, and the screening material flows smoothly. It is not easy to cause blockage within the range of conventional process flow fluctuations, reducing the number of screening equipment used and reducing production costs.

4. The thermal insulation performance is better, and there is no condensation inside the screen box and channels, no fouling and insects. The sieve grid has high processing precision, no deformation after long-term use, close cooperation between the wheat flour machine and the components, no powder leakage or powder leakage. The screen grid is highly interchangeable, and it is easy to adjust the screen grid and adjust the screen path.

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